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12/19/02 ~
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I am a Mary Kay Beauty consultant again. I have a web site at www.marykay.com/sharolyn if you'd like to look at what products are now available or if you'd like to place an order. Also, if you need any samples of anything please let me know and I will get them out to you right away. I'm so excited to start out the new year with my own business in Mary Kay.

12/15/02 ~
Well, did a little update today. Added the kids Santa photo that they took yesterday. They were so cute about seeing Santa and telling him what they wanted for Christmas. Also I added the new series of books I've been reading. The Wheel of Time which I am really enjoying.
12/01/02 ~
Added a picture of Patrick's Dad (Grandpa Buck) with his beared shaved off. WOW what a change. And also he sent me a picture of Timothy, Lydia & Clarissa up at Squim from when the visted there during the Summer.
10/31/02 ~
I was able to get several pictures from today up on the web site. So I hope that you enjoy them. Let me know if the site seems to be any faster. I reduced the size of the 'thumbnail' pictures but it will still probably take awhile to load the image after you click on the thumbnail. Please let me know if you see any difference either way.
10/30/02 ~
Well, I started revamping the site to HOPEFULLY make it easier for family members who have dial up to access the site more quickly. At this point the pages are up, but the Photo pages are not linked up correctly yet. Please be patient and the pages should be up and running soon.