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12/2003 Timothy & Lydia perform in The Nutcracker, and Clarissa performs her dance at a bazaar. Also Christmas.
11/2003 Thanksgiving, Moved into our NEW house.
10/2003 Halloween
9/2003 Patrick came home from being gone for 8mos!!

Well, that should update it somewhat. hehe Got to get everything caught up. Patrick has been out to see for much of this year so far which REALLY is frustrating and sad. The only close friend I have here in Washington is moving to Florida on Friday so that too has got me down. I did recently find a 13yr old neighbor who will baby-sit so hopefully this will help me to be able to get a break when I need it while Patrick is gone. He is due home on May 7th and will be heading back out for a little over a month the end of May.

I guess this about does it for this update. I"ll try and stay on top of it now that I've got it back up to date.

9/2003 WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! Patrick is coming home EARLY. They are due home the end of September sometime. There is not a confirmed date yet, but they are coming home early!! Yeah!!!

9/02/03 Seems like I just got done updating the web site. Here it is almost a month later. Well, I've added some pictures to the photos page. Lydia, Clarissa, my friend Diana and I had a "Night of Beauty" while Timothy was spending time with Grandpa & Grandma Buck so there are some cute pictures of the girls with makeup on. Also I added some pictures of the kids playing at the Park here on base by the lake - all Smiles! I hope you enjoy.

8/05/03 WOW... It's been TOO long since I updated. Sorry for the lack of updates, I just haven't been feeling very creative or up beat lately. But, I think i'm finally getting back into the swing of things although I hurt my lower back pretty bad and am trying to take it easy. Sitting here hurts quite a bit. Anyway, there is an update today FINALLY!!! I put up some pictures that I took of Lydia in her ballet clothes after we got back from class today. The yard is in need of some service, but don't look at that. Look at Lydia's sweet smile! That smile "Cheese" is just for her Daddy who needs some sweet smiles right now. We love you BUNCHES Patrick. *BIG HUGS and BIGGER KISSES*
ALSO!! Timothy and I worked on HIS web page today. You can follow the link from the "Family" section, or just click go to www.pstlc5.com/timothy/ . Email him and let him know what you think of it so far

Hobbies & Links pages were organized a bit more, fixed it so the Forum will open in it's own window. Also, added a link so that you can see if I am Yahoo Messenger to chat. Still have TONS of revamping to do to the site, i.e. finishing pages to add to the Hobbies and Family areas.

Calendar link added to Main Menu. This will give you a quick glance at what is going on and any specific day.

06/9/03 (Guam/Japan time)

Happy Anniversary Patrick!
13 Years! Wow!

(Click on box for a little surprise.)
Patrick you can Double click on the box to go to the poem I wrote you for Valentines Day, I just wanted you to know that is still how I feel. I feel you with me
even though we are far apart, and you strengthen me to make it through all the challenges.)
I love you so VERY much and miss you more than you will ever know.

06/8/03 ~ (USA time)
Added photo's to the photo page. They are all on one page even though they are several from a few different times. Nani Mama's Visit, Beating the Heat one day last week, and also a few pictures of a Rainbow that we saw that I put together into a panoramic shot.

04/24/03 ~
Some new pictures on the site. :)
A page of random pictures taken in April and also a page of pictures from the play Timothy was in tonight at school. For some reason couldn't get very good shots. Was kind of far away. :( It was really cute. April 2003 & Timothy's Play

04/01/03 ~
April Fools ~ The kids REALLY are Monsters!!!!
03/08/03 ~
Happy Birthday Clarissa!
Photos added of Clarissa's Birthday. :) Ughhh! Thank goodness birthday parties are all done for awhile. hehe

03/01/03 ~

Happy Birthday Timothy!
Photos added of Timothy's Birthday. :)

02/21/03 ~
Headstands! *Giggles*

02/19/03 ~
Added photos of the girls and I's new pierced earings to the Photo pages. :)

02/14/03 ~

I miss you Patrick.

02/01/03 ~
Photos added of Lydia's Birthday party.
Also added a new *Forum which is pretty much empty atm. To be able to view the Forum and post there you will need to sign up for a Ezboard account if you don't already have one.

Photos added Dec 02 - Jan 03