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**Family Buzz**

Updates: 5/16/2006

Oh well, not going to appologize anymore about not updating. I just am a slacker and that's that. LOL I have lots of pictures I need to get up on the site and hopefully I'll do that in the next couple days. (Don't hold your breath though.)

Let's see Mother's day was WONDERFUL. Patrick was home so him and the kids spoiled me. Missed Susan's birthday and I need to get her present in the mail already. Grrr.. Umm Easter was fun although Patrick wasn't home for it. He was able to spend time in California with my side of the family. He had a wonderful time. Wish I could have gone with him, but oh well.

Timothy and Clarissa had good birthdays as well, Timothy is now 12 and Clarissa 7. Where is the time going. hehe


~~~~ Past News & Updates~~~~


The start of a new year! Well, figured it was about time for another update and to toss some more pictures up here. Finally put up the pictures from our Trip to California, Halloween (sorry no costume pics, not sure where my head was.), Dinner at Christmas time, and the Christmas pic with Santa. I'm pretty sure there are more pictures on the Video camera, but just haven't gotten around to getting them off their yet.

Lydia will be 9yrs old on Thursday. We had her party this past weekend though and I think we only took video except for one picture I took of her with her cake on our way down to Odyssey 1. Bah! Oh well, had alot on my mind.

Lots of Hugs & Kisses to Mom & Bob right now for all that they are going through. We love you both very much, you are in our prayers.


Happy Birthday to Me! Well, I'm not really updating the site because it's my birthday, but that I promised Nanimama (Mom) that I would. Lydia was finally baptised on October 8th even though her birthday was back in January. Patrick had left out to sea just before that and so we asked her if she wanted to wait or have someone else do it and she said to wait. There are many updates to the Photos area of the site. Odyssey 1 Trip, Guest to Read, Timothy's Awards, 1st Day of School, and Lydia's Baptism. I am pretty sure there are more photos that I still need to get up on the site, but I'll have to go hunting for them.

Well, in a nutshell the news for the past several months hasn't been too exciting really. Everyone is pretty happy and healthy so that's what is important. The children are doing well in school and Patrick is fitting in nicely on the Admirals staff. I'm so proud of him. He's put in alot of time to get to where he is and I'm happy for him. It's got to be nice for him also that he's the one helping GIVE the inspections rather than the one GETTING one.


Happy Birthday Lydia!
8 yrs Wow!!

I looked at Lydia fast asleep in her bed and was just trying to realize where 8 yrs had gone. It's amazing to me that she's 8yrs old. I do that with all of them actually. It's like wow, where did the time go. I remember my Mom saying that, and she used to tell me about her Mom saying it. So I suppose it's just part of life watching time move on. Just its so exciting and daunting all at the same time.

Today was Lydia's birthday if you couldn't tell by my ramblings. I put some photos up today that I took of her with her "Barbie Karoke Guitar" and her birthday cake and I am so proud of myself this year. I actually got a shot of her blowing out the candles. I was thinking while I was holding the camera. "I hope I get a good shot of her blowing out the candles for Patrick." So, I hope you like the pictures.


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