Family Photos 2003

When Nani Mama was up visiting she got a kick out of the video that Patrick sent the kids of him reading stories. So, we took a couple pictures of the kids watching it. (Oh and yes Sweety, that is a new comforter. :P Do you like it? It's thinner for the Summer, the big one was too heavy.
The photo's above are of the kids in Poulsbo at the Historic District area. It was really beautiful, but I was pretty sick so we didn't get to stay long. :( I was glad that we were able to actually get out and see atleast one area this time my Mom visited.
"Mom we are SOOOOO Hot! Please can't we get wet?!?" said TJ, LE & CJ ... "OH... Ok" I said. They were eating some left over watermelon from when my Mom (Nanimama) was here. Mmmm
This image is actually 3 that I put together of a BIG! rainbow that we saw after it rained for a few days. It was so COOL because I don't think I've ever seen that much of a rainbow before. Seemed to always just see about half of the arch, here it was almost the whole arch.